Sunday, July 22, 2012

Think Inside The Box

Starbucks, 8th Avenue

When he advertises it for sale, he can say "Never taken out of box..."

You see people doing strange things in New York, all the time. There used to be a guy in the East Village who caught pigeons with a fishing net and then concealed them inside his enormous cooing overcoat. Then there was the man dressed in tinfoil who carried the placard, "THEY will not kill ME with their RADIO waves". 

It's Sunday morning. The sun is shining. Starbucks is packed with wi-fi users, hopping on and off the information super-highway. Invisible beams of information, zooming all around us, reaching inside us, re-arranging the microscopic electrical tendrils in our brains. Where did I put that tinfoil suit?

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